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Criminal Law

Ms. Bradberry has a vibrant criminal law practice based in large part on Client referrals. Ms. Bradberry approaches each criminal case with the keen eye of the insurance investigator she is at heart. Ms. Bradberry investigates each facet of the case and leaves no stone unturned.

Personal Injury Law

As a former Insurance Adjuster Ms. Bradberry is well versed in Personal Injury. While at Crawford and Company she handled the Worker’s Compensation claims for school districts, refineries, factories, retail stores and oil field workers.

Business Law

Ms. Bradberry also assists businesses with their legal affairs. As a successful business owner who also holds an MBA Ms. Bradberry has a unique skill set that she utilizes to serve her business Clients.

Employment Discrimination

Ms. Bradberry is a veteran of corporate America. Thus, she understands and has experienced the sting of discrimination. Before Ms. Bradberry was an attorney she handled her own discrimination complaint against a Fortune 500 company where she worked for AND WON!

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